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You spend half of your life trying to fall behind

Using your headphones to drown out your mind

sometimes i pretend to be normal ★
5 March

"I was born to catch dragons in their dens and pick flowers. To tell tales and laugh away the morning. To drift and dream like a lazy stream and walk barefoot across sunshine days."
– James Kavanaugh

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10.5 is actually fourteen, abusing lj interests, airlocking for sport, also-i-can-kill-you with-my-mind, am i bovvered?, annie's tea making habit, apollo and his metaphorical!pigeon, bad wolf, battlestar galactica, being a zombie, being awesome, being human, bi-bird-therewas-a-51%chance-i-wldnt-have-killed-u, big damn heroes, billie piper, billie/david, bitch please, bitch/jerk, boo!, bsg marathon with méri, buffy, cassie, castiel, chuck the prophet, cockblocking, coffee worshipping, coffee-coffee-coffee-and-more-coffeee, dalek/rose, daleks, david tennant's dimples, david tennant's freckles, david tennant's hair, david tennant's scottish accent, david tennant's video diaries, daydreamer, dead like me, do i dazzle you?, doctor who, doctor/master, doctor/rose, donna is awesome, donna ships doctor/rose, donnie darko, dr horrible, drinking with the tighs, drinking-anders-under-the-table, eve myles's accent, except for bunnies, fairytales, fanfiction, fangbangers, fangtasia, feminism, firefly, frakking toasters, fucking timezones, gilbert fun, giles/willow, halloween, have you met ted?, high fives, holy tax accountant batman!, hugging sheep, i'll-be-in-my-bunk, i'm-an-angel-of-the-lord, i-am-so-sorry-your-feelings-are-hurt-princess!, i-should-go-to-sleep it's 5am, impala and sampala, insomnia, irish music, jears, jeffrey dean morgan, jen/violet garner's dimples, jorja fox, julie gardner, kahlan's hair, king of the lab, lila poszter, mad scientist in training, master/rose, mine's an evil laugh, mish mish, mish mish and ponies, missing-rtd's-crack-theories-and-plot-holes, more coffee, mulder/scully, myfanwy, myfanwy is alive, myfanwy/janet, myfanwy/rtd, oh wow lovely, oh-my-god-has-everyone-taken-stupid-pills?, ontd walking posts, ooops, out-for-a-walk... bitch, pacey con, procrastinating, raising people from perdition, raxacoricofallapatorious, richard-alpert-is-a-time-lord, rose is a bamf, rose tyler, russel t davies, réka thinks dave's sexy, sammy's blood addiction, sara/lady heather, sarcasm, scully/reyes, sexytime with gaius-and-six, sharon corr's dimples, sir gwaine's epic hair, six feet under, smokey, so say we all, sonic screwdriver, starbuck/roslin, starting the apocalypse, suiting up, supernatural, taken, the corrs, the doctor loves rose, the f.b.i.'s most unwanted, the great slash dragon, the special hell, the tardis, the winchester gospels, this-hasnt-been-updated-since-like-lots-came-out, this-must-be-what-going-mad-feels-like, torchwood, truth is out there, unhealthy-amount-of-hate-for-river-song, vampires don't sparkle, vegetarianism, wait for it, we-have-to-go-back kate!, we-miss-you-lila-poszter, werewolves, what would buffy do?, witches, wizards first rule, world domination, wow but fuck you, wow sarcasm that's original, zeddicus-zu'l-zorander - epic cockblocker